ILIFE V7S Robot Vacuum (with mop function)

Both Mr. & Mrs. CKJ are pretty tied up with work recently and adding on with our 17 months old princess, we don’t really have much time and kinda exhausted to clean up the house. To sweep and mop a 1400 sqft  x 2 storey house x weekly could be a very tiring job! (Other house chores is not added in yet) Too much to focus!!!

I did research for some times and with the typical “Value for money + Good specification” mentality, this robot vacuum came in place. Bought this ILife V7S from GearBest back in November while they are doing the 11.11 sales at the price US 147 (Original price approx. US 159). Price is exclusive of shipping fees which is about US 6.
Gearbest product page : ILife V7S
Supply set : ILife V7S Accessories
ILIFE website :ILife V7S

-Dual purpose robot vacuum and mop capable of 3 functions –dry/wet mopping and vacuuming
-anti-collison system and intelligent drop avoidance induction IR sensor
-4 types of cleaning mode: Automatic cleaning modes, border cleaning modes, concentration cleaning modes, reservation cleaning modes.
-Schedule the robot vacuum to clean at a specific time
-One side brush
-Comes with a dry bin (500ml capacity) for vacuuming and a 450ml water tank for wet/damp mopping
-Dual filter for dry bin
-Self recharge/ Return to home
-Less than 60dB low noise mute
-Remote control (and 2 AAA-batteries included)
-300 minute recharge time and 140 minute run time
-8cm slim design enables the robot to clean in the narrow space.
-1 year warranty

The box:

Inside the box:


1x V7S robot
4x Filters (For dry dirt bin)
2x Microfiber mop
2x Side brush
1x Cleaning brush
1x Dry dirt bin
1x Water tank
1x Remote control
1x Charging base + Adapter
1x Manual
**Ilife is very generous in giving extra accessories

The ILIFE V7S (Colour in Glossy rose gold)
– Front & Back view


– Insert the dry dirt bin for vacuuming purpose or insert the water tank with microfiber mop for mopping purposes.



The V7S comes with the motorized brush aka double-V brush.This is because of the shape of the bristles and squeegee that looks like two Vs on top of one another.

V brush.jpg

-Equipped with anti-collison system and intelligent drop avoidance induction sensor

– User manual in English and Chinese. Instruction on using with the water tank and dry dirt bin.

-Remote operates in 2x AAA size batteries.

-Battery can be easily replaced.  Li-ion Cylindrical rechargeable battery 2600mAh 14.8v

The Results.This is what we really wanted to see. That’s the dust for 2nd floor living hall only. Video shared below will give you an idea the size of the living hall.  Not even going into the rooms yet. Horrible!

In Conclusion, my 5 Biggest Satisfactions of ILife V7S :
1. Saving my time ( both Mr and Mrs CKJ are working profession)
2. Clean my house ( my floor is seriously clean, no joke!)
3. Lessen my workload ( Mr CKJ got other house chores to do in a weekly routine, wash toilet, wash car, laundry, cook for the princess and etc)
4. The robot is perfectly fit for a 1400 sqft house, doing it’s job from the front till the end of my house
5. Which is the most important. Made Mr & Mrs CKJ a happy couple and able to spend more time with the lil princess

Well, frankly speaking this machine do have some turn down which I agree but it shall not be an major issue. You gotta clear all the objects ( for example : long wire, floor mat, higher object like stand fan,weighting machine and etc) before letting it run else it will get stuck.

Watch my Youtube channels :

Video show: Robot started to work, tested for drop avoidance, anti-collision, noticed the ILIFE does more of a crisscross pattern and alternates that with edge cleaning.

**Enhanced version  ILIFE V7S PRO is available now as ILIFE will discontinued the V7S version.

Gearbest is doing a pre-sale now
Coupon code: ILIFEV7SPRO to buy at US 186.99 inclusive of free shipping (Original price 195.99)

Gearbest product page: ILIFE V7S PRO

New Features of ILIFE V7s PRO : 
1.Intelligence control water tank, a new upgrade, increase water tank water pump control,
the machine will even drop of water in the process of exercise, stop will not leak,
solve the skid drag drop too much wait for a phenomenon, better achieve the function mop the floor.
2.Master software upgrade and optimization algorithm improved the recharge rate
3.Make an appointment to mop


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