SJCAM SJ5000X 4K Sport Action Camera ( Elite Edition )

Thinking to get an action cam to record my drone flying session and after some homework in place, this came into my mind. SJ5000X Elite SJCAM from Gearbest.

Bought it during Flash Sale at US 102.99.
(Back to normal price now US 135.99)
Gearbest SJ5000X 4k action cam page : SJCAM SJ5000X 4K Sports Action Cam
Gearbest SJCAM product page : SJCAM Products in Gearbest

Quite reasonable price for a 4k High resolution Sport Action Cam.

It looks like a Gopro! That was my first thought after putting on the waterproof casing.
The mounting accessories is even the same with Gopro.
Anyway with this tempting price, couldn’t ask for more.
I like the blue lights and those buttons are quite easy to understand to function, just that the device is too small and you may accidentally pressed some button.
Display screen is only 2″Inches, kinda small for me.

Comes with a 3.7v Li-ion Battery at 900mAh. Approximately of a 2hours+ standby time and Max would be 1hour+ running the device continuously. Advise to get replacement battery.

The Manual and some accessories given. Standard stuff and not sure whether we will fully utilize those accessories. For some Pro, maybe!

A total of 7 pages of setting to your own preferences, to test on the Video resolutions.
I have chosen 1920×1080 for time lapse and a 4k resolution during the drone flying ( refer to video at lowest part).

Connecting to your WiFi devices :
Well I can only figure out the only device would be my cellphone as SJ5000X does not compatible with any SJCAM remote itself.

1. Install SJCAM apps from Apps store or playstore
2. Connect cellphone with sjcam
3. Launch SJCAM apps and Connect Camera
And there you go.
*With the apps, there are some limitations on the settings. Some settings still need to configure in the cam itself.

NTK96660 Novatek chipset
12.0MP imx078 CMOS image sensor
170 degree A+ grade HD wide angle
Multiple video recording formats
– 4K (2880 x 2160) @24fps,
– 2K (2560 x 1440) @30fps, 1080P (1920 x 1080) @60fps / 30fps, 720P (1280 x 720) @120fps / 30fps / 60fps
Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shot, burst-shot, time lapse, continuous
Burst-shot mode: 3 / 5 / 10 photos per second
Time lapse: 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s
Continuous: 2 seconds, 5 seconds to 10 seconds
Supporting cycle recording, WDR, Gyro anti-shake stabilization and motion detection
Supporting clear HDMI output

SJ5000x Firmware version

IMG_8968 [Desktop Resolution].JPG


After using the SJCAM SJ5000X ,  I would rate  4 stars out of 5 epecially  with it’s performance and price .
Before buying this action cam, I’d compared a few video quality of the SJ5000X elite with  comparison to other action cam and mostly found that SJCAM SJ5000x gave the best quality.

-Value for money
-Gyro stabilization
-User friendly
-Video quality
-Bundled accessories

-Does not come with Bluetooth that can easily connect with a remote
-Using wifi that only connect/control using handphone
-Low battery life
-abit confuse at the User interface at first

Time Lapse 1 – Using 1920×1080 30fps (The cam is stabilize with a tripod)

Time Lapse 2 – Using 1920×1080 30fps (The cam is stabilize with a tripod)

Time Lapse 3 – Using 1920×1080 60fps – Sunset

Shoot using 4k 24FPS, 21.2Mbps while drone (XK X251) flying
-It was mounted on my cap and you gotta focus the video quality instead of focusing on the drone)



Battle of 4K Action-camMGCOOL Explorer Pro Vs. SJCAM SJ5000X Elite


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