XK X251 Whirlwind Brushless Drone

Wowwwww ho ho ho…My very first brushless drone . Very powerful drone! Courtesy from Gearbest for giving me such an wonderful semi hobby grade drone to review.

This is no doubt one of the finest & best drone of 2016. It is doing flash sale Gearbest now with the price of US 108.83.
Gearbest product page: >> XK X251 <<
Accessories in Gearbest: Accessories Gear
XK product page: XK X251
Mine was the version 1 and my master Jeremy got the version 2 of this drone ( You may refer here for his review).
Version 1  comes with 3d/acro mode where we can manually tune it via the controller and it was equipped with a pair of carbon fibre landing gear where as version 2 is without the acro mode.  As a beginner, I am quite nervous as it is my first time flying a brushless drone and this is seriously a very powerful, smooth and fast machine. Don’t believe?  Well you will watch it from the video I shared. I have yet to try acro mode and perhaps I will try a share my 2 cents here again.

I won’t be uploading much photos but I will be showing videos on doing punch out, the speed, stabilization and etc. You may refer to Jeremy’s review as he has a full load of the photos.

View of XK x251 with or without power ON.
The LED is rather bright compare with my other drone. Tail light in green = 3D mode, red =Arco mode, green+red = not calibrated to controller.

XK 1307 CW Brushless Motor and a 950 mAh battery that can last 15mins of flying time.

This is the Version 1  landing gear in carbon fibre ( Version 2 view here )


The X7 remote.
The remote is quite handy and you just have to familiarize with those buttons. By pressing the mode button for 3sec will allows you to enter configuration mode.

Pretty nice curvy shape.
Going for a fly? Hell Yes!


My Conclusions:
As a beginner, this is for sure a drone that will be bringing you to the the next level. This is indeed a powerful drone, very responsive and it took me some times to familiarize with it. It is like a Lamborghini in the sky (at least a Lamborghini to me now till I have the chance for racing drone). Of course I gotta pay for the lesson where I have to replace the landing gear ( the joint of the connector cracked)  suspected from my first hard landing..BANG! The 6G mode is ideally made for beginners, very stable, nothing much to worry and I will be waiting to fly in Arco mode one day to experience the real racer mode perhaps?

Watch my Youtube channels :

XK X251 Whirlwind Flying test review 

Punch Out !!!


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