Zanflare F1 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

My very first high-end LED Flashlight! Courtesy from Gearbest for giving this goodies! We are talking something really Quality!

They are doing a flash sale now and currently selling for US29.99 (Original price 39.99). Promo will ends in another 6 days. Grab it now peeps!

Gearbest product page: Zanflare F1
Zanflare webpage : Zanflare F1

Zanflare F1 is the first flashlight produced from Gearbest. It comes with a CoolWhite (6000-6500K) and a Neutral White  (4500-5000K). I got the CW version for the review.

The box and the LED flashlight

The device itself is built with Aero grace aluminium, it’s light weight and solid and it’s not afraid of strong impact.
Simple and decent design with smooth surface finishing of the flashlight, the grip is just nice to hold with.

LED, Modes and Output

At the heart of the F1 is a Cree XP-L (V6) LED. Combined with a smooth reflector, is what affords the F1 its excellent beam throw.
Moonlight; 1 lumen
Low; 50 lumens
Medium; 290 lumens
lare; 1240 Lumens
Flare; 1240 Lumens

Tail switch: On/Off
Side Switch on each pressing
– Moonlight > Low > Mid > High
– Press twice > Flare mode
– Hold for 2 seconds to active Strobe and press again to enter SOS mode

Battery :

I am using a 18650 battery so that it can be rechargeable via the USB port.
Twist down the protective ring around the USB and indicator, this is to prevent of dust and water.
The indicator turned red indicates it is in charging and when it turned green indicates finished charging
You are opt to use 2x CR123 batteries as well.

Accessories :
Instruction manual zippered belt holster, micro USB charging cable , pocket clip, O-ring and adjustable lanyard.

Length 5.3″
Weight(with battery) 144.5g
Beam distance 252 meters
Waterproof to 2 meters
Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
Mode memory recalls the last mode used.

Mode Test

Water Resistance Test


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