JJRC H37 Elfie — Foldable Selfie Drone

A friend of mine inspired me by taking videos or photos with drone during trips. Why on earth Mr CKJ never thought of doing this cool and simple way to record down the precious moments using drone? Well, this came in place > JJRC first foldable drone  H37 Elfie,  one of the affordable and portable toy drones I have seen this year. It is cheap, fits in your pocket perfectly  and it works with a smartphone as controller.
Got this review unit from Gearbest which is currently doing a flash sale at US 37.99
Gearbest product page: JJRC H37
JJRC Toy Official page: JJRC H37

– WiFi FPV
– Headless mode
– One Key button for taking off/landing, return and emergency stop
– 6 Axis gyro
– Brushed motor
– Material: ABS shell
– Camera Resolution: 480p (0.3MP)
– Flight time: 8mins(with video recording)
– Battery charging time: 45mins
– Flying distance : approx 100m
– 360 Degree Aerial show

The box

Package Contents: 1 x RC Drone, 1 x 3.7v 500mAh Battery, 1 x Charging USB, 4 x Spare Propeller, 1 x Protective case, 1 x Manual


The JJRC H37
– Front & Back view with showing the foldable arms

  • White Led indicating the front part of the drone, giving some little help to the camera for snapping brighter object whereby Red Led is the rear part.
  • Side view and the space where the arms are kept
  • Room for the battery and it just fit, does not have extra space. You gotta place the battery in perfect shape as shown
  • Smaller in size comparing with I6+ . That why it is known as pocket size drone.


Connecting the drone with your phone as controller

1. Search the drone via wifi connection in your phone.
2. Install JJRC apps, QR code is available for IOS or Android and it is found in the manual.
3. Hit “Connect” and you are there to fly

Help pages below is giving you a brief guide on connecting the drone and the function of each button as well .


– Foldable and very portable.
– simple setup and easy to fly when you are using G-sensor control with headless mode.
– Tilting lens with 480p camera resolutions. You can fly FPV now
– It’s still within an affordable price

– No seperate controller is available. You can ony control using Wifi through your phone
– Not responsive nor sensitive enough especially it was being remote through phone
– Low resolution 480p camera.
– No microSD card slot on the quadcopter. Video is recorded to your phone over WiFi

It’s a trend now to use phone as controller, to me it would relatively affecting the responsiveness of the drone but no doubt this is a very good experience as it was my first time controlling a drone through phone.
Oh well,the definition of Selfie to me is : 1.Camera is clear to capture any object, 2. Able to capture a handsome Mr CKJ. but nothing much to be expect with the quality of 480p resolution. After some studies, this drone is actually imitated from Dobby where the price is x10 of H37. Well , good things not cheap and cheap things not good.

Watch my Youtube channels :

There is a presale going on for a limited edition of JJRC H37 in PINK . JJRC has enhanced it to a 720p resolution camera. Price at US52.99. 

H37 pink.jpeg


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