Hubsan X4 H501C Brushless Drone with HD camera


My wife is extremely amazed by the video quality taken by this drone.
“The scenary & image is SO CLEAR!!!” was the comment from her.
Well, this is the very first compliment from her of all gadgets I’ve got.

Introducing the Hubsan X4 H501C brushless drone that comes with a 1080p HD camera(that is where the HD quality kicks in). Hubsan is one of the good and well known quadcopter maker that is existing in the market currently. One of the brand that shall appear in my or maybe your wish list.

Thanks to Gearbest for giving me such a wonderful gadget to review. There are doing a flash sale now for approx. US 170.00
Gearbest Product page : Hubsan X4 H501C
Hubsan Official pageHubsan X4 H501C

– 1080p HD Camera; FOV 90 degree wide angle
– Headless mode
– GPS return to home & Failsafe mode
– 6 Axis gyro
– Brushless motor
– GPS System
– Altitude hold
– Approx. 20mins flying time
– Battery charging time: 210mins
– Fail-safe mode
– Control range : 300m
– Support max 64G Micro SD memory card for recording

The Box:

Package Contents:
1 x Hubsan H501C RC Quadcopter, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x  2700mAh LiPo-Battery,
4 x Propellers (2XCW 2XCCW), 1 x Charger, 1 x propeller tool, 1 x English Manual


The Hubsan X4 H501C

  • All angle view of the drone. Black body frame weighting at 410g. It uses stronger material compared with H501S frame.
  • H501C LED when binded to the transmitter.
  • Brushless motor – PM1806 KV1650 and showing you on fixing the propellers with the propeller tool provided.
  • Built-in 1080p HD camera and the Micro SD slot circled in red for video and photo recording
  • Battery room located at the back of the drone, big enough to fit the giant 2700mAh LiPo-Battery. Battery weight at 105g
  • Micro USB port for firmware update. Cool right?img_0113-desktop-resolution

The Transmitter
It is a very basic transmitter compare with others from Hubsan. It uses  4x AAA size battery. Based on my illustration shown below, it’s pretty easy to understand on getting hold of it.

Hubsan balance charger.

GPS & Altitude hold
With this features, it will lock the quadcopter in current position. Hands off from the transmitter!img_9920-desktop-resolution


  • Very Stable flyer
  • GPS & altitude hold to lock the quadcopter at current position
  • 20 minutes flight time
  • Return to home works! Don’t afraid of lost drone
  • 1080p Full HD camera
  • Fail-safe mode
  • Transmitter has all the telemetry information of the quadcopter’s distance, height, satellites received, direction heading and battery remaining


  • Does not have the FPV and Follow me mode. That’s why cost reduced alot if compared with H501S
  • The HD camera Does not work well in night flying, it does not have night mode

Everyone can fly now! Even for a person like Mrs. CKJ that never fly a drone before, she has no problem in handling the drone at all. Although it is built with powerful brushless motor but with the GPS & altitude hold, it become a tame bull in the sky. Of course you can activate the Expert mode anytime to feel the brushless power without the GPS & Altitude hold. Looking at the features in this drone, price is relatively affordable if compare with other high end drone and that’s why most of the Malaysian thought that > Drone= Expensive toys. Well, now  you know some goodies is really cheap!

** Mrs. CKJ in action ! NO Problem!

IMG_9975 [Desktop Resolution].JPG

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