JYU Hornet S Racing Drone – Aerial Edition

IMG_9184 [Desktop Resolution]It can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph within 3.5 sec. …..What??!!!
Is this a Mercedes AMG GT S? Or could it be an Audi R8 V10 Plus????!!!
Believe it or not, it is just only a drone from JYU with the name of Hornet S …Serious??!!

Courtesy of Gearbest for sending me JYU Hornet S Aerial Edition which is the highest spec of all.
Consists of 3 axes gimbals with four shock absorption pads that allows you a smooth and stable capturing.
Shout out loud for the 4k HD camera with 25fps that give you a breathtaking recording.

Gearbest Product Page: Hornet S Aerial Version
JYU Product Page: Hornet S

Hornet S Gimbal Specs
• Image Sensor: SONY IMX206
• 2204 Brushless motor
• Gimbal Operating Angular Range: +20~-90 degrees
• Gimbal Net Weight: 158g
• Lens: Aspheric HD Optic Glass Lens /F2.8
• FOV: 100°
• ISO Range: 50-3200
• Camera Resolution: 16 million pixels (4640×3480)
• Video Resolution: 4K@25FPS, 2.7K@30FPS, 1080P@60FPS, 720P@120FPS
• Picture Format: JPEG
• Video Format: MOV/MP4
• Storage: MicroSD Card minimum 8GB. Maximum 64GB

Remote Controller
• Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz-2.483Ghz
• Max Distance: 1200 meters (Unobstructed, CE compliant)
• Live View Receiver: 5.8GHz
• Battery: 4000mAh LIPO IS Built in
• Operating Current/ Voltage: 1.0A @3.7V

Hornet S PC application
You can customize/upgrade software to your drone and remote control with the application.

– Modular design allows for customization of camera and gimbal
– Stable flier in GPS Mode 1 and 2 and it could be real fast when it is in manual mode
– Altitude hold and Return to Home function
– Ergonomic and well-designed transmitter with good information available On Screen Display (OSD)
– Approx. 20mins flight time (without Gimbal)

– OSD can momentarily lose the link.
– ONLY approx. to 7mins flight time with gimbal attached ( You gotta be real fast while taking breathtaking scenery)
– Emergency landing when battery is flat out ( It won’t even RTH)

A drone that I love & hate! I would say (if I were to compare) it shall be a combination of Hubsan H501 + Whirlwind XK X251! It is equipped with stability + power where it is a drone for beginners or experts.
This is my first FPV (First Person View) drone thus it took me some time to get used to by flying with watching at the OSD (On Screen Display), a very good experience indeed.
I like the concept of the Mode 1,2 & 3 where Mode 1 will fly extremely slow and stable for video capturing, following by Mode 2 a little faster and Mode 3 will be experts mode.

This drone can be configured using their own application where you can tune it with professional mode(without GPS) or Altitude hold mode, customization of the LED colors, warning notification when battery go low and etc.

The only down point for me is the drone can only operate for approx. of 7mins with the gimbal attached and the OSD lose link occasionally .

Watch my Youtube channels: Do remember to watch with 4k resolution


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