Haier Air Purifier KJ-R320

Good things not cheap; cheap things not good. That is the mentality that most people has nowadays. Well..Mr. CKJ would tell you some cheap things can be real good thing.

Bought this champagne Haier KJ-320 Air Purifier from Gearbest during their flash sale at around USD18. You can’t get a car purifier with this price anywhere!

Haier is a multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company established in 1984 and currently is the partner company of General Electric.  Go google and you will find out more about their history.

Image from top: The device and it’s spec, Power input DC 12V 1A & USB output 5V 2.1A x2 (USB power supply for handphone or dashcam charging)

The features and Specifications:
Spec & feat
Inside the box:
IMG_9589 [Desktop Resolution]1x Haier KJ-320 Air Purifier , 1x Car charger, 1x Home adapter & 1x Manual in English

Air purifier in red = Standby mode
Air purifier in Green/Blue = Working modeIMG_9599 [Desktop Resolution]It’s not only a Car purifier, you can put it at your work desk as well.

To conclude, let me show you a photo which I named it “The pandan leaf”
WhatsApp Image 2017-06-11 at 11.28.26 PMthat is the economical /natural way that Mr CKJ used previously to keep the air fresh and odor away. By the way, Mr CKJ does not like to use air freshener nor car perfume.
Tested the  Haier KJ-320 Air Purifier with King of fruits~Durian! Mrs CKJ bought durian on last weekend, and the smell filled up quickly.  It took about 20 minutes to have the air purified with the Haier KJ-320 Air Purifier. Tested with all doors closed.

Well, I don’t have any tested video but I’ve found one from Gearbest which it demonstrate on smoke test.


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