360 J511C Dashcam

This would be one of the economic and affordable dashcam in market.  Introducing 360 (2nd Generation) J511C Dashcam.  Courtesy of Gearbest for sending me such a stylish and wonderful dashcam to review. Well,  I would say this shall be a rival of Xiaomi Mijia Dashcam and Mr. CKJ will review both dashcam and will make a comparison soon.

With recent post from Mr. CKJ >  Dome D201 vs Viofo A119  . I am induced by the  2k (1440p) resolution dashcam which provide a very super HD quality footage thus I will feel a little bit of “Quality issue” when it comes to a 1080p resolutions review. Alright to be frank, we can’t compare apple with apple in this situation. Both Dome D201 vs Viofo A119 are high-end dashcam  , whereby  360 J511C Dashcam  would only at middle range. Bear with it!

  • Purchase link in Gearbest  , Flash Sale price at US 59.99 with free shipping
  • Official Product page of 360 J511C


Inside the box:
IMG_9699 [Desktop Resolution]
• 360 J511C dashcam
• 90° angled micro USB Cable
• Dual USB car charger
• Installation tool
• Suction mount
• Toshiba Exceria 16GB MicroSD UHS-1
• 360 drive recorder Bluetooth button JP512

• Manual in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English

• 360 drive recorder Bluetooth button JP512 & 360 dual USB Car Charger

• Menu Setting


• Phone application for 360 J511C Dashcam


– Uses a Ambarella A12A55 processor that is capable of recording up to 2560x1440p 30fps (or 1920x1080p 60fps) but I wonder why the manufacturer of 360 limit it to 1920×1080 30fps as default
– Bluetooth remote button to either capture short video or photo
– With the F2.0 large aperture, it takes in a lot of light during both day and night time footage
– Clean and stylish design
– Audio capture is very loud and clear, one of the best I have come across

– The resolution is default at 1920×1080 30fps, no other options
– Recording default and limit to 1 minute, no other options
– No manual start/stop button of video recording

As I mentioned earlier on, this is a reliable dashcam which is economic and affordable. They actually come in 2 version, J511 which is a higher version with black or white color, records in 1080p 60fps, with E-HDR and with ADAS functions whereby J511C  is the one that I am reviewing.
With this price, It would be a good choice for a 1080p Dashcam.

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Other Seller/Source for 360 J511C Dashcam
– Taobao
– 11street (Ship from USA)
– Aliexpress


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