Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2

Due to the recent upgrade of Mr. CKJ’s wireless router ( not sure I should address it as upgrade or downgrade)by the Internet Service Provider, the WiFi seems unstable and video streaming is quite lagging. Some dead zone in my house is not covered nor detectable.
I actually subscribed the monthly 50M/bps package, but the initial WiFi router (with 3 big Antennas)  can only boost up to 30M/bps. After rounds of checking & investigation, the ISP suspect it was the router problem, as part of the package with the device is still under warranty, I have no choice but to accept another new router(without antenna) that caused the instability. Hmm…!!

To resolve on my current hiccups, I came accross Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 from Gearbest, it support 2.4GHz Wireless with speed up to 300Mbps. It has this function call WiFi roaming, basically you can use the same name as the superior router to achieve WiFi roaming.

Purchase link: Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2

The Package:
Pretty simple, What you see is what you get. A Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 with its English manual at the back of the packaging.



Product Specifications & Features : 
Interface USB 2.0
Transmission Rate 300Mbps
Antenna 2 Built-in antenna
WiFi Network Frequency 2.4GHz
Product Weight 30g
App Control Supported with IOS or Android
USB Interface Rotation 180 Degree
Connectivity Support up to 16 devices at a time

It only require a USB adapter for the power supply or it can work with a power bank so that you can place the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2  at anywhere.




Performance Result: 
The wireless router was located at Ground floor and the Mi Amplifier is placed on 1st floor. You can see the signal strength obviously with/without the amplifier.

Test result with Mi Amplifier WiFi 2


Test result without Mi Amplifier WiFi 2



Works with Mi-Apps



To my 2cents, Products from Xiaomi is always reliable and this device is only costing about USD10. Worth to give it a try if you encounter poor WiFi signal.


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